In times of running servers, we always wanted a powerful currency system. After some looking up and ideas, I have finalised the specification for how the currency will work.

The currency system will provide players with the means to trade valuable materials to gain Kao. Kao is our form of currency, and will be simply be the amount prefixed with the # symbol.

How can you make money?
Each server will have a bank, this bank will hold an infinite amount of money, but will be set by default to 10billion. Once this bank is ready, every player will be given 100 Kao to start with. This gives them a fighting chance to keep in.
You can make money by selling a service, maybe a delivery system, maybe you want to run the servers main train line; or you just want to sell a load of diamond blocks that you have and don’t need anymore.

What can the money be used for?
The currency can be used to buy materials, say you have 400 iron and only 1 diamond, then sell your iron and buy the diamond from the systems. Say you want to run a shop where you sell lots of food on a farm or you want to offer trading; maybe even buy custom programs; or you can buy a service that another player has offered. It allows for a lot more options; even if you don’t want to build a house, you can pay someone to do it!

The possibilities are endless. The cross server part means, that if you made a load of money on one server, and now you want to transfer money on the other server, then everything is shared between the servers. Meaning you can be rich over many servers.

We want to beta test this idea, and we shall build the necessary steps to complete this. The team will work on services which you can use.

If you have any questions just contact me on IRC: Kaos Network IRC.

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