So in months passed, ComputerCraft was released by the developer dan200 as Open Source to allow the community to update due to his lack of time to work on the project. With this comes a lot of amazing updates and ideas; and within the past month or two, there has been a multitude of pull requests and updates for CC which are being merged in over time.

One of the issues we faced was the community wanted an always up-to-date version of CC, but because releases were not built as often and/or published. So with the help of SquidDev (one of the main contributors); he built a script to merge the base and his update repository and actually compile theme together and build the custom jar files needed. As well as being on the latest version.

So I have created a server that uses this to compile the jar nightly and release it to the server. This means that as CC updates, there will always be a server for people to play on but mainly for the CC developers to also test on.

The server network site is here: Kaos Network or direct access to the AirWaves server page is here: AirWaves Server

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