So before I proceed let me place a disclaimer here, this is a fairly biased opinion based on things I have experienced, so from my perspective this is what I see, so please I am always up for a discussion but I do have my own opinions.

So let me start with saying that if you have gone through university then good for you and that’s great. But I can’t say that I feel you are more qualified than someone who is completely self-taught.

One of the things I have learnt while working in the web development industry is that graduates seem to be placed above anyone that is self-taught and I feel personally in this day and age it’s wrong. I have had to work with graduates and I can’t say that they are any further along than someone is self taught or has done an apprenticeship.

People that are self-taught personally I feel have more initiative and have spent more time to learn than say someone who has gone to uni; whether they have passed both have put a lot of time into learning, and I can’t see why someone from uni would be put over someone who has taught everything themselves.

My placement is me coming from learning web development at the age of 14 to 16 on my own, learning how things work and what they do, then going to college and in the end quitting because everything taught is too generic to place it into any certain skill category. I finished one year, and got a normal job, while looking for apprenticeships, I did an apprenticeship and then got a job at the end, I then moved to another job, where I am now. Nothing but learning and developing was used to get here. I feel if you are a self taught developer and you lose out on a job because of someone who is a graduate I feel is out of order. I have seen from my own experience working in the industry is that people who have done the apprenticeship and got the experience have a massive advantage with more understanding of how companies/agencies work, over people who have come from a university with no experience and a very general look on a lot of things. Now I have seen some of the schemas for universities around the UK, and they seem to be the same where you spend a few months on a topic. Now this is great, but how does this allow you to be placed higher than someone who has a specific set of skills, and also has learnt about other things in there spare time.

My stance is that really, we should be looked at with more experience than someone who went to uni, therefore does that not put is at a higher advantage or the same? but definitely not lower.

What do you think? I am generally interested and want to know what other people think, because it’s a topic that confuses me as I don’t understand why companies will look for people with only a generic set of skills instead of specific with experience…?

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